Sunday, May 3, 2009

Making Money With Youdata Hacks

Why is this blog so damn ugly? The answer to that is very simple, I'm not trying to sell you anything. I'm not trying to distract you with pretty pictures and then jamming my products or referral links down your throat. Yes, I have several sites where I advertise my various products and referral links but not here. I am using this blog as a way point for people who use "paid to click sites" to come share experiences and ideas while helping new comers find their way. Trust me, there are thousands of people pushing their referral links and hundreds of good paid to click sites to make money from. In all the years that I've used these money making sites I've gotten scammed and I've had sites disappear and not pay me but there's one thing that has never happened. I have never once run out of people to sign up under me. This is why I don't feel that sharing the information that I know will hurt my earnings in any way. If anything sharing ideas with all my fellow paid to clickers will most likely help increase my income. Now that the overly long intro is out of the way... lets get down to it.

Youdata The Highest Paying Click Site Ever

I thought the first site I'd talk about would be the single highest paying paid to click site that I have ever come across. Don't worry after I give a brief description of Youdata for those who haven't heard of it I will let you in on some simple tricks to get the most money from them. Youdata isn't like any other paid to click program you have ever used. Yes, they do pay you to click on ads but that is the only similarity. The first thing that separates Youdata from any other paid to click site is that you need to fill out a survey before you can start receiving ads. The survey is only used by Youdata so they can get an idea about who you are.. your likes and dislikes. This helps Youdata deliver ads that are suited just for you, it also allows Youdata to deliver highly targeted traffic to all their advertisers. Giving the advertisers more "bang for their buck" and they are willing to pay for it. After that's done all you do is log in and click the ads. You will get anywhere from 0.15 to .35 per click... like I said the highest paid to click site ever. There are no minimums and you will be paid every Friday right to your paypal account.

Make Money Referring For Youdata

Along with their extremely high click payout you can also make money pushing your Youdata referral link. You will get paid 0.01 for every ad that you referral gets up to $1.00. This adds up very quickly after racking up a few referrals and adding in your own weekly clicks. Below I have an image of my referrals, keep in mind I just started to push my referral link about 2 weeks ago.

Make Money With Youdata Hacks
Where Is My Referral Link

You will notice that I have not be posted my referral link anywhere on this site, there are two reasons for this. First of all, as I said in my previous post Making Money Online With Paid To Click Sites I am not going to be pushing anything down your throat on this blog. By not pushing my referral link, there is no reason for me to lie about any site I promote. I am not making any money whether you sign up or not. The second reason is, there is a good chance that Youdata could come across the tips I am about to give you and cancel my account. Maybe I'm being paranoid... maybe not... either way no referral links here.

Earn More Money With Youdata Hacks

One of the first things you will notice when you sign up for Youdata is you need to enter your cell phone number. This is just so that they can verify that there is only one account per person. They simply send you a one time text message that you enter on their site and that is it, they never contact you again. The key phrase there is, one account per person.. not per house hold. This means if there are 2, 4, 5 or even 20 people living in your home, they can all have an account with Youdata and all use the same internet connection. The only stipulation is, all members need to own a cell phone. This also so means that you could, if you were so inclined, use your friend's, sister's, mother's, second cousin's, or even your local garbage man's cell phone to setup multiple accounts. Another tip which isn't a secret but isn't well known either, Youdata has many more ads geared towards mothers than any other group. Mothers will get more ads than men or women without children. Finally, there is one other group that gets even more ads than the others. This group is Hispanic women, so if you are a Hispanic woman with two kids you will get more ads. I don't know what any of you will do with that information.. especially since Youdata has no way of telling who you really are... you don't even need to give them your name or address. All you need is a cell phone and a paypal address to get paid.

Some Extra Info About Youdata

One last little piece of information.. If you were to have multiple accounts, I would recommend using your own referral links to sign each new account up. You should also use a different paypal email addresses for each Youdata account. You can add up to five email addresses to your paypal account and each of these can be used to collect your money.

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